Ecosystem Services / Olive Carbon

Together lets tackle climate change, one olive tree at a time!

Our solution is a hands-off remote measuring of carbon sequestration in olive groves that would provide farmer/land owners carbon credits for trading.

This measurement will be calculated in terms of carbon sinking and will receive an equivalent RMU’S (Carbon Removal Unit), based on our blockchain-based trading credit. These we will then trade on both Voluntary offsets and Emission trading Schemes

In addition, we also provide participating farmers educational resources on best practices that we have proven will increase Carbon sinking and climate resilience – with sustainable farming methods, then can further increase their carbon capture, and therefore increase their income.

 The benefits for the farmer are the following:

– They earn an extra income through the sale of carbon credits.

– They learn the importance of carbon sequestration, plus a host of other benefits for the farm.

– Optionally, we can connect then to the buyers supporting them

 Benefits for the buyers:

– Companies are buying accredited carbon credits that are an actual reflection of the sequestered carbon based on accurate data and from productive lands.

– They can use the ‘story behind the credit’ as a great marketing strategy for their company.

– For companies (e.g. supermarket) who prefer a personal approach, there is the possibility for further collaboration between corporate and farmer.

 Benefits for authorities:

– They can subsidise local farming methods that are carbon positive.

– Have a tool to assess the results of their policy’s impact.

This #15PARSEC solution is proposed and further developed by: