eoMALL Galleries

A window to the market

A window to the market

To realise the full business potential of your solution you need to reach out to as many customers as possible. eoMALL, an online platform for promoting EO-based services, opens up this window to the market for your product or service.

eoMALL has a user-centred design, allowing new customers to find services within different thematic market sectors, compare them with other services available for online purchase and contact the service providers directly. Through eoMALL, your potential clients will easily find your innovation through search and discovery or under the three eoMALL “Galleries” developed within the PARSEC Accelerator. These are dedicated pages presenting services in the food, energy and environment sectors. Once potential clients find the profile of your team and the services proposed, they will be able to contact you to finalise the business transaction.

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The PARSEC-specific eoMALL Galleries will be designed at a later stage and made available for the second stage beneficiaries of the PARSEC Accelerator. At this point, we invite you to click here and explore services currently on display at the eoMALL.

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