Big Data Toolbox

Big value from big data

Big value from big data

The Big Data Toolbox allows you to master the use of Earth Observation data and develop innovative services that enable better and faster business decision-making. This suite of tools offers easier access, processing, analysis and storage of EO data.

The Big Data Toolbox will help companies harness the power of big EO data by providing services for pre-processing, integration, sampling, data fusion, analytics and visualization of heterogeneous data. The toolbox will allow the reduction of data volume, while preserving and enriching the information content of the data. It will transform raw EO data into spatial or statistical databases with structured information, ready to be used by a new product or service.

The Big Data Toolbox will be integrated with the Copernicus DIAS (link), contributing to the development of European datacube technology capacities. It will achieve this by pre-processing Copernicus DIAS products into production ready GeoTIFF images (“DIAS+”) for either:

  • direct injection into Rasdaman datacubes or
  • the production of added-value information layers (“DIAS++”).
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The Big Data Toolbox will be made available to second stage beneficiaries of the PARSEC Accelerator and (at a later stage) to the greater community. Once this resource becomes operational, you will be able to access it through a dedicated link. We will also supply you with a user manual to get you started!

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