Smart Specialisation

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Smart Specialisation for innovators

Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies are designed to reflect place-based innovation policy and is proudly “made in the EU” and exported beyond it. The main novelty of the approach relies in synergies between top-down and bottom-up approaches or, in other words, local policy authorities consult entrepreneurs, sectoral associations, clusters, excellence centres and universities of the region (or country) when setting or updating the local innovation priorities. Smart Specialisation thrives as an academic discipline and policy approach, but can also become an important support for entrepreneurs. To guide innovators in grasping their opportunities brought by Smart Specialisation across Europe we provide in this page information about Smart Specialisation and how it works in real life via Info Cards and Case Studies.

Discover Smart Specialisation for entrepreneurs in the sections below

Smart Specialisation Info Card Deck

Navigate to our interactive Info Card deck and discover in a nutshell the concept of Smart Specialisation, why it is relevant for entrepreneurs and innovators and how to get involved.

Case Studies

Case Studies zoom into one of the aspects of the Smart Specialisation – a region, company or sector – and into how the political and theoretical concept translates into real life examples useful for the knowledge of entrepreneurs.