Business Catalysts

Becoming a market champion means you can quickly analyse vast amounts of data, develop services of great value and bring them to as many customers as possible. Our three business catalysts are here to help you do just that.

Big Data Toolbox


In situ Data Hub

Beyond facilitating the acceleration process of new marketable solutions, the “business catalysts” developed in PARSEC will help the greater Earth Observation community to achieve the motto: “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. Thus, as part of the legacy of PARSEC, these tools will come to complement the technology provided by the Copernicus DIAS platforms. In this way, these tools will support the business models for future EO-based innovation, including – but not limited to – the solutions commercialised through the PARSEC Accelerator.

Therefore, even if you are not taking part in PARSEC, the tools developed by our experts will be available for your use after the accelerator, with the exception of the eoMALL and eoPAGES which are already operational and used by many services.