EO-Based Digital Chemical-free Plant Protection System

In modern agricultural production, a huge percentage (up to 40%) of the crops is lost to harmful pathogens. The traditional way to deal with this problem is to use synthetic chemicals, at the expense of human health and environmental balance.

The mutual IO3T project between ENIO Environmental Technologies and IoTartic aims to solve this problem by bringing forth the world’s first smart plant protection system.

IoTartic is the creator of data collection hardware and software that is capable of collecting real-time data from greenhouses and uploading this data to the cloud. The data from the field, combined with the EO data available through the Parsec platform, makes it possible to calculate and predict the risk factor for various plant diseases using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. In return, this information can be used to schedule plant protection in an optimal way, by means of a smart plant protection algorithm.

ENIO Environmental Technologies is the inventor of the world’s first smart aqueous ozone generator, created to shield agricultural produce from pathogens. Ozone is known to be one of the strongest disinfectants on the planet. The best thing about ozone is the fact that it is converted into oxygen after the application. This means that being able to control and use this molecule for greenhouse sanitation is a sustainable alternative to poisonous chemicals.

With this project, the plant protection schedule from IoTartic and smart aqueous ozone generator from ENIO will be combined to create an environmental friendly plant protection system, protecting the plants from pathogens without leaving toxic residues and with surgical precision.

This #15PARSEC solution is proposed and further developed by: