Integrated solution for oil spills at sea

Most of the 2 million tons of oil discharged into the sea each year go undetected. This lack of awareness is mainly caused by the limitations of current technologies to survey large areas of the ocean and detect oil spills with high reliability.  At the same time, understanding the future trajectory of oil spills to accurately predict which areas are likely to be impacted is of utmost importance.

OKEANOS is a global web service where users can proactively monitor their areas of interest, detect and characterise any oil spill, identify the source and forecast its transport and transformation. The solution is based on satellite observation, artificial intelligence and high-end ocean modelling. OKEANOS reduces the cost of monitoring by a factor of 10 while increasing the monitoring capacity by a factor of 100, providing unprecedented insights like oil type identification, thickness mapping and spill quantification.

This #15PARSEC solution is proposed and further developed by: