The Century Project

This project explores a data-driven integrated planning for climate adaptation and energy transition in cities and goes beyond what is seen today.

Cities are facing huge, fundamental challenges: Continuous heat waves, natural disasters, and demanding sustainability goals! Those are the century projects for them! In such a context energy planning and climate adaptation shouldn’t be thought or planned without considering the other. E.g. sometimes it could be a better idea to green a roof or fasade instead of placing PV panels to avoid heat islands.

So, in order to optimise the allocation of resources, integrated planning is needed! Such integrated planning approaches are already mandatory in some states and will become so in many others in the near future.

Our product vision is an integrated planning SaaS based that has the potential to be offered worldwide to decision makers in cities and energy. In these sectors, we have very valuable experiences from many previous projects with well-known clients.

Projects of the century! As a promising consortium backed by the PARSEC program, will bring integrated planning for climate resilient and energy renewable cities to the next level!

This #15PARSEC solution is proposed and further developed by: