Foresight Carbon

Monitoring carbon uptake of forests from space

Demand for carbon credits to offset carbon dioxide emissions is on the rise and will continue to grow over the next decade. To keep global warming on the 1.5°C pathway, it is not enough to just reduce emissions. Instead, we need to start absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at large scale. Planting new trees and restoring old forests has an enormous potential to mitigate climate change, but it is still largely untapped. A lot of these projects do not have a positive business case due to high transaction costs.

Foresight Carbon is a fully automated service that measures carbon stocks in forests and tracks the benefits of forestry carbon sequestration projects over time. It is based on satellite data and state-of-the-art data analysis. Foresight Carbon offers project developers a ten-fold cost reduction, compared to their current field measurement methods. On top of that, the data-based approach boosts confidence with potential offset buyers and other stakeholders, resulting in carbon credits that are better marketable and more valuable.

Our technology and the service we offer is the cornerstone of a plan to enable tonnes and tonnes of additional net emission reductions together with our partners.

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