To realise the full business potential of your solution you need to reach out to as many customers as possible. eoMALL, eoPAGES and eoPAGES Africa, online platforms for promoting EO-based services, open up this window to the market for your product or service. All three portals are being further developed with the support of the PARSEC Accelerator.

Sell or buy Earth Observation services via eoMALL

eoMALL is a unique online marketplace that brings together buyers and suppliers of Earth Observation (EO) services and products. It allows suppliers to be discovered by multiple customers who are interested in your solution, helping you realise its full business potential.

The platform is dedicated to strengthening the global EO market, facilitating relevant business transactions and fostering mutually beneficial partnerships. It was created to address the lack of a marketplace dedicated specifically to the Earth Observation industry.

Through eoMALL, suppliers of Earth Observation services and products can:

  • offer their services and products for sale,
  • share your company’s mission and values,
  • maximize the visibility of their business by publishing their product or service offer on the platform.
  • reached potential buyers who look for specific services,
  • publish success stories and case studies,
  • scale up and maximize the potential of your business.

On eoMALL, your potential clients will be able to easily find your innovation through search and discovery or under the three eoMALL “Galleries” dedicated to PARSEC sectors developed within the PARSEC Accelerator. Once potential clients find the profile of your team and the services proposed, they will be able to contact you directly to finalise the business transaction.

On the demand side, eoMALL allows buyers to:

  • easily find EO services within different thematic market sectors,
  • browse the Galleries of new and existing suppliers categorised in 12 thematic market sectors,
  • compare them with other services available for online purchase,
  • discover and contact the service providers directly. No need to browse the internet extensively – all suppliers are now gathered on a single platform.

By registering your company on eoMALL, you increase your chances of being contacted by individuals or companies who are interested on buying your services.

Let your company be discovered through eoPAGES and eoPAGES Africa

eoPAGES is the first online catalogue that lists Earth Observation companies in Europe and Africa. It helps potential customers find relevant suppliers of bespoke Earth Observation services and companies in a new, user-friendly way. The platform is completely free of charge for both customers and service providers.

The mission of eoPAGES and eoPAGES Africa is to catalogue all Earth Observation companies in Europe and Africa. This is the first online resource of this kind, dedicated specifically to those two continents. It complements eoMALL, the first online marketplace for the Earth Observation industry.

eoPAGES offers a variety of browsing functions which lets a company be easily discovered through diverse search queries. The search options include:

  • Area of activity,
  • Associated categories,
  • Location of interest,
  • Geographic search via an interactive map.

By registering on eoPAGES or eoPAGES Africa, you increase your chances of being discovered globally by companies and individuals interested in Earth Observation services.


eoMALL, eoPAGES and eoPAGES Africa are managed by EARSC, with the support of the PARSEC Accelerator. PARSEC inspires and stimulates businesses to fully make use of EO data. eoPAGES platform is being further developed under PARSEC and freely available for use for the #100PARSEC and #15PARSEC – the PARSEC first and second stage beneficiaries – offering them support on their journey to innovation. The online interface of the eoPAGES Africa is currently undergoing maintenance and will be linked to this article at a later stage.