The PARSEC User and Technology Talks are a series of sector-focused discussions targeting to identify the technology needs for each PARSEC sector – energy, food, and environment. The events aim at creating connections between the satellite Earth Observation SME community and potential end users who can benefit from cutting-edge solutions. The events occur every two weeks and are open to the PARSEC Ecosystem. Recordings of all sessions will be made publicly available via the PARSEC YouTube channel.

The PARSEC User and Technology Talks: ENERGY was the first talk of the series targeting the energy sector, held on the 10th of February 2021.
PARSEC had invited energy specialists to discuss and share the needs and challenges of the sector. Besides, satellite Earth Observation (EO) experts presented the status of the use of EO within the energy sector and suggested possible solutions. Furthermore, representatives of the #15PARSEC​ showcased their EO-based innovations which aim to solve energy related challenges.

Energy sector and EO key speakers:
Ignacio Osorio, Ampere Energy
Jonas Rechreche, EDF
Eugenio Dominguez, Hybrid Energy Storage Solutions
Dr Panagiotis Kosmopoulos, NOA

Innovators from the #15PARSEC​:
Nabin Gaibre, Village Data Analytics
​Carlos Matilla, Rom(EO)