Are you a start-up or a young company (founded in 2015 or later) and do you (or plan to) make use of Copernicus Sentinel data? We invite you to fill in the “Copernicus Sentinel-powered Innovation and Start-ups” survey and benefit from a free six month trial of EARSC membership*.

About the survey Copernicus Sentinel-powered Innovation and Start-ups”

Your feedback is vital to investigate emerging Sentinel-powered applications and business models, their technological and market maturity and the obstacles and challenges encountered by entrepreneurs who want to create businesses based on Copernicus Sentinel data. The study aims to understand how important Copernicus, in particular Sentinel data, has been to the creation of your business in addition to some of the successes and frustrations which you may have experienced.

This is the second start-up survey conducted by EARSC, the PARSEC coordinator, under contract with the European Space Agency to evaluate the impact and benefits of using Copernicus Sentinel data. The previous edition was held in 2018/19 and brought interesting insights for the EU decision makers to make Copernicus-fuelled innovation more powerful and more adapted to the industry needs.

The results of this second edition will also feed into the EARSC industry survey aiming to reflect an accurate and complete picture on the “State and Health of the European Earth Observation Services industry”.

Rewards: EARSC membership for 6 months and chance to be featured among the “success stories”

Companies successfully completing the survey can benefit from:

  • A free 6-month trial EARSC membership*. This will allow access to the communications of the association,information on the market, on the industry and bid opportunities, and participation in restricted events. Please note that the free membership is offered to companies who have not received this benefit in previous years.
  • Have the opportunity to be featured as a “success story” in the upcoming report (upon consent)
  • Receive an advance copy of the report prior to its publication.

You can fill out the survey here. Estimated time for completion is 12 minutes.

Your data is safe!

Please note that the data that you will provide using this survey will be anaylsed only by the project team. Individual company data will not be presented to other parties or made public and we ensure that every effort is taken to secure all data collected.

Interested in further research and studies around Copernicus Sentinels and the EO industry?

EARSC is leading a series of research and case studies to understand the impact of Copernicus Sentinel data in Europe (read more details and the case studies here). There are also producing regular reports on the State and Health of the European EO Services industry available at the library section of EARSC’s website (here).

Do you have any more questions about the survey? Contact EARSC:

* Non-EARSC members only and companies who have not benefited from a free trial in the recent years. For conditions, see After the 6-month trial, start-ups may benefit from the favourable introductory membership prices which EARSC makes available to all new companies (€250 for the first year, €500 for the second and €900 for the third).